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Parent demands transgender teacher be tossed

I can understand discomfort of a parent (in this uptight culture) who may have a difficult time having a conversation with their child to explain the concept of “transgendered,” but this excuse by a NJ parent as to why substitute teacher Lily McBeth should not be able to teach in a public school — “it’s against my religion” — is bullsh*t. The claim by the Methodist father is that the school board is violating his rights if McBeth enters a classroom. (365gay):

The Eagleswood School District will meet Monday to hear a parent’s demand that a transgendered substitute teacher be either fired or parents allowed to have their children taught by someone else.

Lily B. McBeth became a substitute teacher after retiring from her job as a medical marketing executive. At age 70 she says she knows something about kids. Before transitioning last year she fathered and raised three of her own.

The school district says that her teaching record is among the best in the state. But none of that is good enough for parent Mark Schnepp. Schnepp has two children attending school in district. He says that the idea of someone who had a sex change teaching his children is an affront to his convictions. “It violates my religious beliefs,” the 39-year-old told the Asbury Park Press.

…New Jersey courts have ruling in other cases that it is illegal to discriminate against the transgendered, but the state’s nondiscrimination law does not specifically name transsexuals as a protected category.

The law absolutely protects Lily McBeth, but make no mistake: Her situation proves why we want the state legislature to amend the state’s Law Against Discrimination specifically to include the transgender community. It would give the case law extra power,” said Barbra Casbar, vice-chair of Garden State Equality.

Please tell me where in Mark Schnepp’s bible is there a definition or condemnation of the transgendered?

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