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Florida GOP sends marriage amendment bigots another $150K

The Sunshine State GOP gave the goons at Florida4Marriage after an initial boost of $150K back in October. Their efforts failed, as not enough signatures were acquired to move the amendment measure forward. (St. Pete Times):

Determined to get a gay marriage ban on the ballot for Florida voters, the state Republican Party has doubled its initial investment in the effort to $300,000.

State Senate President Tom Lee said the additional $150,000 came after, the political committee working to amend the state Constitution, failed to get enough signatures in time to qualify for the 2006 ballot.

Lee, R-Valrico, said he embraced the extra $150,000 donation because Florida4Marriage still wants to get the measure on the ballot in 2008. “I supported it because I know it’s an important issue to Republicans. I know it may not be more important than tax cuts, it may not be more important than property rights or whatever, but it is an element, just as the sanctity of life issues are an element of importance of our party,” Lee said. He noted that lawmakers in 2005 spent days debating whether to try to force feeding tubes back into Terri Schiavo.

State Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski had a different take: “It looks like they’re afraid they can’t win on the issues that actually matter to Floridians – issues like port security, offshore drilling, prescription drugs and class size reduction,” he said.

Governor Jebbie Bush tries to play it cool, saying in the article that he was unaware of the party contribution, and says the amendment isn’t necessary because Florida law already bars same-sex marriage.

Andy Eddy, vice president of Log Cabin Republicans of Broward County was understandably angry at his party for wasting $300K on efforts to make gay Floridians second-class citizens, but that’s the state of things there.

Voters need to let Party officers know that the GOP needs to focus on the issues that are important to everyone in Florida like homeland security, hurricane prepardness, a strong economy, education, property ownership protection, education, transportation and healthcare. Let the RPOF know you don’t support this kind of wasteful spending. Contact the RPOF or by phone at 850.222.7920.

Hat tip, Eva at Lloydletta.


While we’re on the state of Florida, a Schadenfreude alert…

My, my, why would we take pleasure in the misery known as the Katherine Harris Senate campaign? Tee hee. She’s traumatized us by tossing the 2000 election to an unqualified dolt, and subjecting people to this painful run for higher office. She’s in a tad bit o’ trouble. From Perrspectives:

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Katherine Harris. The GOP’s 2000 Florida recount heroine is facing almost certain defeat in her upcoming 2006 Senate race, a campaign her one-time Republican backers in DC pulled out all the stops to prevent. Now comes the news that Harris accepted $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions from Duke Cunningham’s bagman, Mitchell Wade of defense contractor MZM.

Michael Crowley in The New Republic details Harris’ fall from grace among national Republicans. Celebrated with flowers and marriage proposals after her successful efforts as Florida Secretary of State to block Al Gore’s 2000 recount hopes, Harris’ repeated stumbles and polarization of the Florida electorate has alienated the national GOP. Despite her personal wealth, fund-raising success and name recognition, Harris just squeaked by in her two house races in 2002 and 2004. Her high disapproval numbers were only made worse by “ThreatGate,” Harris’ fabricated claims in 2004 about the Bush administration’s supposed thwarting of over 100 terrorist plots, including a mythical attempt to destroy the electrical grid in Carmel, Indiana.

The result for Harris is a dismal showing to date in her 2006 Senate race against the unpopular Democrat Bill Nelson.

She’s trailing Nelson by 15 points and she’s so radioactive, the Chimperor is not coming anywhere near her on the campaign trail.

My favorite GOP-dumping-on-Harris tale up to this point was when The Empty Wig Dole, in her role as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, took a private plane to New York last year to try to convince MSNBC bleating head and former Florida representative Joe Scarborough to run against Harris (he said no because of, well, some problems).

Hat tip, oddjob.

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