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Demons vanquished in Ohio

The Rev. Bob Larson: “Not everyone spits green pea soup and has their head rotate 360 degrees. But everybody needs deliverance.” Photo: Toledo Blade/Jessica Crossfield.

Holly sends me these two articles, Pastor feels called to fight demons and Toledo gets visit from ‘The Exorcist’, and I read them wondering whether this was a joke, that perhaps the Rev. Bob Larson was a comedian.

Nope. He’s dead serious, and he claims to have cast out over 6000 demons during his road shows, called ‘Spiritual Freedom Conferences’. One passage in the article caught my eye, since it has particular relevance for Russ, who is out there in the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. Larson said the influence of demons varies according to location, with some parts of the United States and certain countries having more demonic activity than others.

I’ve never had a problem finding demons in the Pacific Northwest, for example, because it has been such a non-church, non-religious area. Demons are more free to operate,” he said. “Ironically, the other place is the Bible Belt. The devil is where he’s not expected to be. It’s what happens when people have too much religion and not enough spirituality.”

There is a finite number of demons in the world because God created a set number of angels, he said. The evil spirits are those who followed Lucifer when he rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. But demons are becoming more active, Mr. Larson said, as seen in the increased incidents of violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and criminal behavior among Americans today.

“There has been exponential growth of demonic activity today than when I started 30 years ago,” he said. “It’s rampant.”

Larson has toured the country over the last six years, building exorcist teams to handle demon cast-outs and healings. He claims to have trained 100 teams, including the Toledo team — Rev. Louis C. Roy’s Oasis Christian Fellowship.

The Rev. Bob Larson works on the demons inside Mishael Dempsey at the Clarion Westgate Hotel in Toledo, Ohio. Dempsey said demons also caused her father to kill her mother and then take his own life. “There are demons with mental powers, and demons with physical powers. But the most dangerous demons are mind demons. They’re mentally crafty. There’s a spiritual strategy involved.” Photo: Toledo Blade/Jessica Crossfield.

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Pam Spaulding