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What is wrong with Americans?

A Marist College’s Institute for Public Opinion poll:

Twenty-seven percent of voters said they were not likely to vote for a woman candidate in 2008 no matter which party ticket she headed, according to the poll sponsored by WNBC-TV in New York City. Of that 27 percent, almost one-third said they wouldn’t back a female candidate because “women are not up to the job” while 10 percent said it was because the presidency is “a man’s job.”

I may think sHillary is a horrible choice for a Dem nominee, but it isn’t because she’s a woman. Crap, after this pretend man’s man cowboy wagging his dick around for the last while, a change of gender in the Oval Office would actually be welcome.


The new wax Hillary, unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s New York Wax Museum yesterday.

Oh, and while we’re on sHillary again, there’s a counter opinion over at Proceed At Your own Risk, slamming Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Agenda for his stance that he will no longer raise $$ for sHillary because of her inability to support full gay civil equality, and those of us in the community who will no longer be quiet about the shortcomings of sHillary and the Dems who take gay support for granted. A snippet:

Like it or not, in today’s America, gay marriage is an extremist and deeply polarizing issue. If this becomes the focus for any national candidate, that candidate is likely doomed. And if a candidate, like Hillary Clinton needs some distance from such polarizing issues in order to take back the White House and Congress, she needs as much support as possible and she needs the votes.

In my view, for a prominent gay leader to call for a financial and political boycott of one of the few and rare responsible Democratic leaders who would actually put this country back on the right track, a democratic, humanist track, is grossly irresponsible and terribly misguided.

I just cannot get behind Clinton or any of these faux Dems interested in their own political ascendancy, because they have every intention of tossing gays under the bus each and every time.

While it would be great and courageous to come out for marriage equality, we cannot even get them to discuss the issue of gay rights at all when facing Republicans. The Dems have chosen people as the new faces of the party those who support the Iraq war, are anti-choice, and even support states passing marriage amendments. Why on earth should we vote for these people?

They should be reframing and recasting gay civil equality as the civil rights issue that it is, but they aren’t even trying. They have ceded the “values” issue regarding gays to the GOP frame and want to run and hide from any aspect of the conversation.

Just populating the White House and Congress with Dems of this stripe won’t advance anything for gays — if these poll-driven, focus group slave politicians truly believe that gay rights is a radioactive political issue, their ambition to stay in power will always supercede doing “the right thing” for a constituency that has voted loyally, but their “issue” threatens the pol’s re-election.

For gays to ask for a return on the investment and call those Dems on this issue publicly for their cowardice may not be popular in some circles, but at this point in time it is absolutely necessary.

The sad truth is that there are Dems out there, at the local level, who do know how to do the right thing at their own political risk and get little support or fanfare for their bravery from the party. I will point again to the speeches of Senfronia Thompson in Texas and David Englin in Virginia. Go to those links to read what a real Dem at the national level could say.

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