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Milbank Slips One to Lil’ Debbie

During today’s online chat, the beleaguered Dana Milbank defends his wearing of the Orange as a statement of solidarity with the Dutch Olympic team.

Which lead to this follow-up question:

Boston, Mass.: Interestingly, I read that Queen Beatrix issued the following statement in your support:

Ik stel erg op prijs de steun dat Dana Milbank voor onze olympisch ploeg toonde door het dragen van onze nationale kleuren. Samen met miljoenen Nederlanders, neem ik kwallig de kleinzieligheid van Deborah Howell, die vaker onder de schijnwerpers gekomen is wegens de inhoudelijke fouten van haar verslagen. Lang leve Dana Milbank, het rapporteren van de waarheid, en het Huis van Oranje!

Did her spokesmen clear this with you?

Dana Milbank: I could not have said it better.

Dannyboy gives us a translation in the comments:

"I heartily appreciate the support that Dana Milbank showed for our Olympic team by wearing the national colors. Together with millions of Dutchmen, I take offense at the mean-spiritedness of Debbie Howell, who has more than once been in the spotlight for the factual errors in her reporting. Long live Dana Milbank, reporting the truth, and the House of Orange!"

See, the truth does have a home at the Washington Post. Just as long as it’s written in a language completely incomprehensible to 99.9% of its readers.

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