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Bush names homo-bigot to AIDS panel

Faux-Family Reseach Council head Tony Perkins and Focus on the Anus guru Daddy Dobson pal around with faith-ba$$$ed pastor Herbert Lusk. (Photo by Joseph Kaczmarek/AP)

Holy crap. The Bush admin continues its anti-gay rampage, naming faith-based cash recipient Rev. Herbert Lusk to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (the official announcement is March 16). This is a heinous appointment. (WashBlade):

In a move yet to be publicly announced, Bush last month named Rev. Herbert Lusk, a former Philadelphia Eagles football star and current pastor of Philadelphia’s Greater Exodus Baptist Church, as one of five new members of the presidential AIDS advisory panel, known as PACHA, according to a current PACHA member.

Lusk is a member of the board of advisers for the Alliance for Marriage, a conservative religious organization that lobbies lawmakers to support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

…Lusk heads a multi-million dollar faith-based social services agency in Philadelphia that he founded called People for People. Lusk told the New York Times the organization receives about $10 million a year in government funds, with at least $1 million a year coming from federal, faith-based grants.

Lusk’s church’s charitable wing has received a cool million of faith-based bucks as far back as 2002 — so he’s been on Dear Leader’s payroll for a while.

Also, Lusk was the host at January’s rally to support Alito, Justice Sunday III, which was held at his church:

In attendance at JSIII: Daddy Dobson, Dr. Alveda C. King, Bishop Wellington Boone (The Father’s House), Tony Perkins, Lusk, Senator Little Ricky Santorum, Rev. Tinkywinky.

During Justice Sunday III, Lusk erupted with bible-thumping threats:

[Lusk] railed against gay marriage, abortion and what he termed as Christian-bashing, and warned that those who trifle with “people of god” will face consequences.

Don’t fool with the church,” said Rev. Lusk, “because the church has buried many a critic, and all the critics we have not buried we’re making funeral arrangements for.”

Rev. Lusk has been a figure of controversy since he spoke in support of Mr. Bush from his church in 2000 and was subsequently accused by the leader of Americans United for Separation of Church and State of breaking tax regulations that forbid churches from endorsing candidates. Rev. Lusk has denied any wrongdoing.

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