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Accuracy in Media's Kincaid: still getting a woody over 'Brokeback'

Batsh*t Cliff Kincaid of the wingnut media monitoring organization Accuracy in Media is at it again.

He has turned up before on the Blend over his ridiculous comment that “the homosexual lifestyle is as addictive as smoking,” and for his assertion that Brokeback Mountain “will be another breakthrough for the homosexual lobby, which still manages to transform their deadly and dangerous lifestyle into something considered mainstream and even attractive.”

This time around he’s still got a hard-on for the movie, with his spin today focusing on a group out of Rochester, NY (hey ‘Bean!) that calls itself Viewers Insulted by Loser Entertainment (VILE), which held a protest against the film. :

…The VILE acronym is appropriate because “Brokeback Mountain” is truly an example of “loser entertainment.” It is a winner, however, for the militant homosexual lobby, which wants to force the public to accept, sanction, and celebrate its “lifestyle.”

…In addition to their street protest, the VILE group issued a detailed statement explaining how “Brokeback Mountain” functions as pro-homosexual propaganda. The second-rate acting and beautiful scenery are backdrops to an attempt “to convince the American public to condone a self-centered, obsessive, disordered ‘love’ as more important than the misery inflicted on the families, wives and children that this ‘love’ affair wounds and disassembles,” the statement explains.

…The film, the release goes on, “attempts to brainwash the viewer into empathy for destructive, self-centered behavior.” Hence, abnormal behavior is depicted as normal. What’s more, those of us who react negatively to this abnormal behavior are being led to believe that we are abnormal, and that we should just “get with it” and learn to appreciate degeneracy.

The best part of the post is actually at the end, when Kincaid jumps off the reality cliff.

Hollywood is a very corrupt place in many ways. One reader has sent me a note, asking, “Did you ever check out the number of registered sex offenders in Hollywood? Very dense, relative to other areas. I wonder why.” He recommended a website where you can find the names and addresses of sex offenders in a given area.

Take a look. Just type in the 90210 zip code and California. And take a look at some of the mug shots. This is the side of Hollywood you won’t see on Oscar night.

Blender Adrian, who sent me this one, said:

I love the last two paragraphs where he implies that there are more registered sex offenders in Hollywood than other places. Funny…because if you go to the Family Watchdog website and put in the AIM’s address in Washington, DC they have 642 sexual offenders in their zip code where as the Hollywood zip code only has 536.

Wow, what does they say about Washington, DC?

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