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The sinister Rovian twist

Oh my NESD. I’m watching Anderson Cooper. I’m listening to Rep. Jerrold Nadler. They’re talking about the Dubai port deal. Nadler is talking about how it is not racist to suspect a UAE company, because UAE supported terrorists, looked the other way to let 9/11 happen, whatever. I wasn’t following really closely.

And then it hit me. The sinister Rovian twist.

Nadler’s defense of keeping ports out of the UAE’s hands sounded a lot like the chickenhawks’ explanation of invading Iraq. Well, they weren’t directly behind 9/11, but they looked the other way. They supported terrorism financially. It’s not racism to suspect this Arab country. Our security is too important to leave any doubt.

Bingo. Sound bites of Democrats saying we gotta be tough on those A-rabs to protect American security, just in time for Congressional elections. Republicans able to run against their lame duck president, rather than with him, by looking tougher on terrorism than Democrats. Republicans able to jump on the unprotected ports issue that’s been lying dormant, unmolested by Democratic strategists (whoops… oxymoron!) who should have hammered on that in 2004. Democrats forced in to a “yeah, but it’s different” and lose the sheeple elctorate in nuance and explanation.

Meanwhile the anti-gay adoption initiatives and anti-abortion initiatives and anti-whatever fundamentalists-and-morons (whoops… redundancy!) hate today initiatives get out the right-base vote, without any sort of minimum wage initiatives and civil unions initiatives and children’s health care iitiatives to bring out the left-base vote, add in a few million Diebold machines, cut the Democrats off at the knees on the domestic security issue (the issue they should’ve hammered in 2004), let Iraq descend into sectarian civil war (hmmm… makes you wonder who planned to blow up that sacred dome?) so they can claim it’s just too crazy out there and withdraw troops (O’Reilly’s already floating that balloon), and voil??!, the final two years of the BushCo regime cruise along with a Republican congress and another couple of Supreme Court vacancies.

Oh well. 224 years was a heck of a good run as far as constitutional democracies go.

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