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Poland's president under fire for anti-gay stance

President Lech Kaczynski of Poland hasn’t been much of a friend to the country’s gay citizens. In fact, he’s been condemned by Human Rights Watch for his homophobic acts and statements (as well as those by political allies), including the canceling of a Pride parade and encouraging a “Normality Parade” just days after deep-sixing the Pride march. From the letter sent to Kaczynski by Human Rights Watch’s Scott Long, the Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program:

Human Rights Watch has been monitoring with grave reservations several restrictions placed on the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Poland over the past number of years. We are aware that you yourself have supported restrictions on that minority’s rights in your prior capacity as mayor of Warsaw, as have members of your party and government in public statements.

In 2004 and 2005, as mayor of Warsaw, you banned Gay Pride marches-a peaceful exercise of the freedom of assembly which had taken place several times in previous years without incident. You declared that you were opposed to “propagating gay orientation.” In 2004, you refused even to meet with the organizing group, the Campaign Against Homophobia-reportedly stating, “I am not willing to meet perverts.” On the other hand you approved counter-demonstrations by conservative groups opposed to the march, the League of Polish Families and the All-Polish Youth. In the same year, a “March for Tolerance” organized by the Campaign Against Homophobia in Cracow was attacked by over two hundred demonstrators, many skinheads from the All-Polish Youth, who pelted them with eggs, bottles, and rocks, and shouted “Send the fags to the hospital!” and “Perverts, get out of Cracow!”

…Also in 2005, following the example of Warsaw, the mayor of Poznan banned a March for Equality and Tolerance in Poznan-one sponsored not only by the Campaign Against Homophobia but by human rights, women’s, and student organizations. When a small number of marchers persisted in assembling, members of the All-Polish Youth assaulted them, throwing projectiles and shouting “Gas the fags!” and “We’ll do to you what Hitler did to the Jews!” In this case, police intervened against the marchers rather than the attackers, arresting sixty-eight of them.

Since you assumed the presidency, your political allies have continued to make ominous statements threatening state action against the public expression or defense of homosexuality. Prime Minister Kasimierz Marcinkiewicz has told the press that if a homosexual “tries to ‘infect’ others with their homosexuality, then the state must intervene in this violation of freedom.” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the Law and Justice Party, and your brother, called during the 2005 election campaign for banning gays and lesbians from teaching. In January 2006, he condemned a situation where “gay people are allowed to conduct perverse demonstrations in the streets, but it is forbidden to discuss the issue of moral censorship.”

We are also concerned by the election by the Sejm, on January 26, of Janusz Kochanowski as Ombudsman for Human Rights. Mr. Kochanowski has stated in the past that “a culture favorable to pedophilia has come to Poland. … This culture already accepts homosexuality and wants it to be seen as equal to heterosexuality. And there is a link between pedophilia and homosexuality: the majority of pedophiles are homosexual.”

That statement is untrue. Further, the mentality it reflects–one in which myth and stigma are used to vilify a minority and nullify its right to participate in society–is inimical to Poland’s vibrant democracy. Fears of “infection” and blatant invocations of prejudice cannot be allowed to decide how citizens exercise their rights. Gays and lesbians marching in the streets pose no conceivable threat to other Poles. To suppress their freedoms threatens all people’s equality.

OK. It’s pretty clearcut that this man and his allies are sick people who have no business being dog catcher, let alone leaders in Poland. What must it feel like to be gay or lesbian under this oppressive regime? Guess what — the Freepi couldn’t give a crap.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“I would advise the Poles to tell them to KMA, but they would drop to their knees in a heartbeat.”

“I guess they don’t consider it hate to have a wall pushed over on them.”

“rising homophobia in Poland and other eastern European states Find out what is causing this and do more of it……….”

On January 26, the Sejm (or Polish parliament) elected as Ombudsman for Human Rights the lawyer Janusz Kochanowski, who has claimed that pedophilia and homosexuality are linked.

“He’s wrong actually, as they are not linked. Just like cancer and plague are not either. (sarcasm)”

“All those Polish jokes were wrong. Poland is the only country in Eurabia that is sane.”

“I note the ongoing comingling of terms (“rights”, “human rights” and the debatable “homosexual rights” expression) and consider this to be, quite literally, a reassertion of pre-World War II social perspectives.”

“Homosexuals threaten lives. Screw the supposed rights.”

“It would be nice if they would separate a person’s status as a ‘person deserving of equal status to all other person’s’ and a person’s actions as a person. ‘Queer’ should not be a noun, but verb. Thus all persons can be held to be equal, while not all actions, obviously, are not held to be equal.”

“Poland better be ever watchful. The EU is going to try to impose its agenda on Poland.”

“Could someone tell me what rights are being threatened? Among “normal” homos (I’ve never thought I can write those 2 words in one sentence;) in Poland there is an opinion that they have all the rights they need and they are not discriminated against. So wtf? The answer is simple. Some acrivists want to earn some money for their “activism”.”

“Don’t forget we are (Poland) the EU, well part of it. So is Italy, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Lithuania…It’s not easy to impose that agenda once you are not alone…”

“Well, I’ve just finished a post-graduated studies on European law. And I found out an interesting thing relating to one of the basic freedoms – freedom of movement among EU member countries. The thing is, that it’s very possible, that – according to EU law – Poland will have to respect status of gay marriage, if it had a place in other EU country. So if – let’s say – Dutch, or Spanish, or Swedish gay couple get “married” in their country and decide to move to Poland – Polish authorities may have to accept it, no matter that such “marriages” are not allowed in Poland. When I asked a question related to this issue – the lecturer answered in our Prime Minister’s way – “well, that’s a very good question”.”

“Human Rights Watch ……….more like Homo Perversion Rights Nazi’s. Hold your ground Poland! I pray we will gain the support to follow in your footsteps. These folks HRW, are the biggest perverts on the planet! And should be banned.”

“there doesn’t seem to be ANY fear on the part of the Poles, just dis-like for the homos abhorant behavior which makes my American (with Polish heritage) chest swell with pride yet again”

“I agree. I’m so sick and tired of the filth and corruption of innocence that these perverts promote. It is the ultimate form of selfishness to be blunt. It’s a sexual, psychological, and cultural example of unparalleled self-centeredness. It drives me to distraction that these monsters want more
and more and more. Their greed and lust for innocent children (that they are more than willing to ruin just to increase their numbers and influence) goes to show that…I don’t even know what to say. I just know that they need to be either stopped, shot, or somehow sent SOMEWHERE where they cannot spread their perverted doctrine and attack our children.”

“All the figures I’ve read show that two thirds of child molestation is same sex. And the vast majority of homosexuals were molested as children. It’s key. It’s done to them, they get twisted, they do it to others, creating a new generation of homosexuals. It needs to stop.”

I am not willing to meet perverts.

“That is without doubt the funniest comment from a leader to a group of fruits that I have ever read.”

Hat tip. PageOneQ.

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