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And The General Still Owns Maria Cantwell’s Uterus

republican_jesusIt seems quite clear that the new South Dakota legislation outlawing abortion is a means to test out the new Supreme Court now that Strip Search Sammy is on the job. How is a small state like South Dakota able to afford such an expensive legal skirmish?

The hope of the bill’s supporters, reports Jodi Schwan of CBS affiliate KELO-TV, is that the U.S. Supreme Court will be more receptive if the case gets that far.

"They feel with the changing makeup of the Supreme Court that it is perhaps a time to start challenging Roe v. Wade, and they think especially with the addition of Alito and Roberts to the court that those are justices who would vote in their favor," says Schwan.

Supporters of the ban have said an anonymous donor has pledged to provide South Dakota with $1 million to help defend the law in court.

If this "anonymous donor" thing seems wrong to you in more ways than you can count, remember that our strength is in numbers so please give whatever you can afford, no matter how small to help break up the Gang of 14 who have committed themselves to the destruction of choice in this country (we’ve already raised over $4,000 in two days to help Ned Lamont — YEA HAH!!).

Meanwhile that confirmed heterosexual breeder General J.C. Christian has found himself in the spotlight review again at Amazon. A telling nugget from his past gives us a peek into the enigma that is the General in a review entitled "Close, but no falafels."

(BTW — did I mention that Amazon will not delete reviews if they recommend other books instead? Apropos of nothing, of course.)

And John Amato from Crooks & Liars will be talking about blogging with Alan Colmes’ radio show tonight at 8pm PST/11pm EST. You can listen here.

(graphic by Jesus’ General)

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