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Where has this Brit been?

British Pol Advises American Christians to Get Involved in Politics. The Christofascist tornado has been tearing across this country for years; has this dude been under a f*cking rock? Get him on a phone with the Wildmons and Daddy Dobson.

A member of the British House of Lords has told the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Dallas that biblical preaching could be outlawed unless Christians become more politically active.

Recently the British Parliament nearly passed legislation that would have amended that nation’s Racial and Religious Hatred Bill and outlawed incitement to religious hatred. The measure lost by a single vote — the vote of Prime Minister Tony Blair, who left early, confident that the bill would pass without him.

John Taylor, a member of the House of Lords, spoke at this week’s NRB gathering in Texas. Taylor said passage of the bill could have led to pastors being arrested for so-called “hate speech.” Unless Christians take action, says Taylor, clergy in his country — as well as in the United States — could fall victim to such statutes, should they be enacted.

“There’s an old saying that things won’t change until people change,” Taylor says. “So we can moan about these [political] institutions and so forth, or we can basically get in there. We are called to be salt and light — so why don’t we take over the Senate and Congress and so forth?”

Let’s see…the presidency…check…the Congress…check…the Supreme Court…almost checked. I don’t know what’s left for the goons to take over, Taylor.

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