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What Democratic Values?

I’ve been writing about the battle between the progressives and the poll-watching triangulating 36-year-losing-streak so-called moderate DLC types for some time now. HuffPo’s Bob Burnett sees some of the same issues:

Paraphrasing Bob Dylan, “Something’s happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. [Brooks]?” The N.Y. Times conservative pundit [David Brooks] has unwittingly wandered into the middle of a fight for the heart of the Democratic Party. A battle between tactics-based apparatchiks and values-based loyalists. Between the DC-based Dem “intelligentsia” and those of us who inhabit the real world.

This is a fight that has great bearing on what should be the Democrats’ signature issues—national security. Unbeknownst to most voters, the Dems have actually prepared a sensible plan for protecting America. Only the public can’t see it because they don’t trust the Dems anymore than the trust the GOP. The latest Gallup poll “On dealing with corruption in Government,” found that only twelve percent of Americans saw the Democratic Party as more trustworthy than Republicans.

Ironically, the fight for the heart of the Democratic Party will not be decided by the issue of Iraq or the Economy or the other issues vying for media attention. This fight will be about morality. What set of values will the Democrats embrace?

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