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Stephen Bennett and the homo bandwagon

Our friend at Straight Talk Radio, happily married, professional “former” homo Stephen Bennett, is perplexed at Willie Nelson’s gay cowboy song, and the overall popularity of Brokeback Mountain.

A well-known country music singer has jumped on the homosexual cowboy “bandwagon” with the release of the first “homosexual cowboy” song. The hoopla over the homosexual cowboy flick Brokeback Mountain has spilled over into the music scene with Willie Nelson’s release of “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other.”

Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual and a Christian evangelist, had this reaction to the song’s release. “I think Willie Nelson’s braids are pulled too tight,” Bennett says. The ministry leader suspects Nelson is just taking advantage of the “gay western” fad. “I don’t understand why everybody is jumping on the bandwagon of homosexuality,” says Bennett. “It is like the ‘in thing’ today. And, of course, with this movie Brokeback Mountain, everybody is jumping in now to do what they can to capitalize on this newest, latest fad that people are accepting.” The founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries is now a married man with children who has found his career in Christian music.

To delve more deeply into the help Stephen can give you to avoid that bandwagon, he’s prepared a special 4 CD audio series, TESTIFY! (for $35). Look at some of the scintillating offerings of personal testimony…

* A Faithful Friend – The Story of Kathy (The Woman Who Led Stephen Bennett to Christ)
* A Real ‘Wonder Woman’: The Deliverance of Linda Carter from Lesbianism
* A Senior Citizen Set Free from Lesbianism: The Testimony of Janet
* From ‘Drag’ to Riches: The Testimony of Jerry

And his ministry is there to help keep you from falling off the het wagon…

Stephen Bennett Ministries, Inc. (SBM) serves several purposes. First and foremost, SBM encourages men and women to successfully and permanently overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA.) SBM firmly believes no one is born homosexual; that inmost cases, unnatural homosexual attractions tragically develop early on in the childhood; and by biblically dealing with the root cause(s) of one’s same-sex attraction, homosexuality can be completely overcome – just as drug addiction, alcoholism or any other sinful behavior. Men and women can then effectively move on to healthy heterosexuality – as part of God’s natural, perfect design and plan for man and woman.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding