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Sarah Vowell cracks me up

Sarah Vowell, the excellent NPR contributor with the cartoon voice (from The Incredibles) always cracks me up with her turn of phrase. Last night on the Daily Show, she let loose with this one, which I’ll try to paraphrase to the best of my memory:

It’s amazing what a disaster the Bush administration has been. It’s hard for me to even watch the news, much less research the news deeply in order to write my pieces for the show. I know it’s your stock in trade, but it depresses me… you know, when I was watching Bush at his first inauguration, I was so worried about him rolling back affirmative action or pollution controls… in retrospect, I’m ashamed at what little imagination I had for how bad he could be.

Or something like that. If someone can find the exact quote, I’d appreciate it (TiVo doesn’t arrive until next week…)

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