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Pennsylvania winger drops the gay bomb on Bob Casey

The winger freaks in Pennsylvania are beside themselves that Bob Casey is anti-choice, and therefore presents an alternative to Little Ricky for the sheeple voters, so they have to lob the gay bomb over the fence in the battle.

In an attempt to unseat U.S. Senator Rick Santorum in this fall’s election, Pennsylvania Democrats have selected a pro-life candidate to appeal to the state’s values voters. The Democrats hope their candidate, Bob Casey, Jr., will help them re-connect with pro-family citizens.

However, Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania says Casey has made a huge blunder by agreeing to be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual advocacy organization in the world. “He touts himself as a pro-life Democrat; that is one reason why the Democratic Party has fallen in line behind him so readily,” Gramley says, “because, of course, Senator Santorum is pro-life, so they’re thinking [they’ve also] got a pro-life candidate.”

But now, the pro-family spokeswoman notes, “Bob Casey Jr. is scheduled to speak at a Human Rights Campaign black-tie gala.” What that means, she explains, is that as Casey addresses the crowd at the $175 per plate dinner, “part of the proceeds from that will be used to fight our Marriage Protection Amendment that was just introduced here in Pennsylvania on January 24.” Meanwhile, Gramley says Casey’s devotion to pro-life issues also leaves room for doubt because she cannot seem to find any comments on pro-life issues on his website.

Casey is one of those “New Dems” that the party is in love with these days, so there’s not much for progressives on that front; the only real plus is that he supports laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation — a clear distinction he’s decided to draw vs. man-on-dog Santorum. No wonder the gay bomb is being lobbed.

To confuse matters further, commenter postdated noted in the comments of another thread that Casey is against gay adoption, according a 2004 PA Catholic Conference questionnaire that he answered (question 8). I suppose Casey needs to decide which level of discrimination he is for or against — or does it just depend on which audience he is addressing at the time? And the other question raised is how does that square with HRC, which endorses Casey?

Sigh, the Dems – what a choice.

Also: Little Ricky also has a few ethics problems blowing up in the news, right when he’s being considered by the Senate GOP for its ethics czar post. Teehee.

SpinDentist has more at All Spin Zone.

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