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Ohio GOP: Blackwell is 'burning down the house'

Fundie butt-kissing, homo-bigot, Ohio State Treasurer and GOP candidate for governor Ken Blackwell is running ads that thr party chair is calling “smear tactics” against primary opponent Jim Petro. I love it when they eat their own. (

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell’s new cable TV and radio ads attacking opponent Jim Petro are so bare-knuckled that the chairman of Blackwell’s own party has called them “smear tactics.”

“Ken Blackwell should have a better strategy for winning this primary than simply burning down the house,” Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett said.

But Blackwell said Tuesday he has no intention of changing the tone of the ads or his campaign, and charged the chairman was playing favorites. “I’m the chairman’s prodigal political son,” Blackwell said. “(Ohio Gov.) Bob Taft and Jim Petro are his favorites.”

…The Blackwell TV ad, seen on cable systems around the state but not in the Cincinnati market, takes aim at both Taft and Petro, attempting to tie Petro, the Ohio attorney general, to the ethical lapses of the governor and the “coingate” scandal.

In the ad, images of former GOP fundraiser Tom Noe, the subject of a 53-count indictment this month, and Taft, convicted of misdemeanor offenses last year, are followed by a grim-looking photo of Petro and a voiceover that says Petro “has used the special counsel program as a fundraising ATM.”

Sadly, I think Ohio’s GOP has been burning its political house down quite well on its own — before Blackwell came and sprayed on the kerosene.

Ken Blackwell runs with the Christofascist crowd — his best buds are Talibangelist Rod Parsley of Reformation Ohio (its “mission” is to convert 100,000 people to Christianity within four years) and Russell Johnson, founder of the winger Ohio Restoration Project and the Patriot Pastors movement. Blackwell’s also endorsed by the Republican National Coalition for Life and Mother Schlafly‘s Eagle Forum, so they’ve got his back in this race.

Hat tip, Holly.

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