I’m going to stop pretending that I didn’t break your heart

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In my neverending quest to make you listen to good music (and we know you bought Back To Bedlam, don’t pretend that you didn’t. You are going to be sooooo embarrassed about this later, trust me.), we present Eels With Strings, Live At Town Hall, another in a fine collection of releases by Mark Oliver Everett. Along with an excellent selection of older Eels tunes it also includes terrific covers of Dylan’s Girl From North Country and Johnny Rivers’ Poor Side of Town. And how could you not like someone who wrote:

i like a girl with a dirty mouth
someone that i can believe
we had a window not open too long
but that time is good and gone

and if i ever see her again
just walking by with some new guy
i know that we will need to pretend
and hope our eyes keep telling lies

sit on the back porch and wonder ’bout her
what is she doing right now
making somebody a happier man
dying her hair back to brown

The new live CD’s version of this with the addition of the live strings is goosebumpy good

Now put down the Il Divo CD and we will speak of them no more….

No. Really. Put it down.

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