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Utah legislature moves to prevent gay parent visitation

When will the endless homo-bashing stop? The unintended consequence of passing a bill that will prevent a gay parent from visiting a child from a former relationship is that it could affect the ability of grandparents or step-parents as well. But the bible-thumpers don’t care about that or the fallout by preventing gays from adopting the kids the hets won’t take — it’s all about punishing the homos.

A bill to prevent a court from awarding parental rights against the wishes of the biological or adoptive parent passed the Utah House on Tuesday.

The legislation stemmed from a case involving two lesbians who broke up and where a judge give one of the women visitation rights despite the objections of the other who was the birth parent.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. LaVar Christensen (R-Draper) who also sponsored Utah’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and is involved in suit challenging Salt Lake City’s domestic partner benefits.

…The case, Jones v Barlow, is now before the Utah Supreme Court.

Keri Lynn Jones and Cheryl Pike Barlow met in 2000 and were together about three years. “Probably after we were dating six months maybe, we decided we wanted to have a baby in the next year so we spent a lot of time talking to our attorney,” Jones contends in court papers.

Jones contends they intended to rear the girl – now 5 years old – together and took several steps to establish legal relationship for her and the baby. Barlow disputes that she ever intended for Jones to have a legal relationship to the child.

Barlow claims she is now “ex-gay,” converting to evangelical Christianity, and thus the lawsuit.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding