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Gay and lesbian veterans protest DADT

Today there will be a kickoff at Harvard of a campaign by gay and lesbian veterans who are speaking out for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” (Boston Herald):

The seven-week, nationwide speaking tour, which will begin at 7 p.m. at the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Starr Auditorium, will feature seven former service members who argue that the law keeps able-bodied Americans from serving in the military at a time when it is desperate to recruit and retain troops because of the war in Iraq.

“A lot of people have never known a gay or lesbian person and, as a result, have all sorts of misconceptions about what gays and lesbians are like, and no idea what impact ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ has had on national security,” said Alex Nicholson, an Army veteran and founder and director of the “Call to Duty Tour.”

In 1993, shortly after taking office, President Bill Clinton suspended a Department of Defense policy banning gays and lesbians from the military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and influential members of Congress, however, opposed Clinton’s attempt to permanently lift the ban.

The compromise was “don’t ask, don’t tell,” under which the military was not to inquire about the sexual orientation of prospective service members, and gays and lesbians were not to reveal their sexual orientation. Those who did or were “found out” would be subject to dismissal.

And we all know what the impact of that lunacy was. Over the last ten years, our government has wasted an estimated $363 million discharging able-bodied men and women who have received training in essential positions (for instance, Arabic translators), simply because of sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, recruitment has tanked, resulting in a lowering of standards, admitting people convicted of aggravated assault, robbery, vehicular manslaughter, receiving stolen property and making terrorist threats. That’s truly an Army of One.

The Freepswamp was full of bile and sickness. The fact that these seven men and women risked their lives for the country that the Freepers hold near and dear to their hearts (so that they can sit on their asses and say this sh*t) says a lot. Why would anyone want to serve after reading crap like this?

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“I got good news and bad news for you. The Good news is that your protests for more gays in the military have been heard and acted upon. The Bad news is that you are leaving for Iran in half an hour to attack their nuclear sites.”

“Three percent has no business trying to push around the other 97 percent. They should be thankful for “Don’t Ask” because they can be left alone. That is really a right in America; the right to be left alone.”

“…gay and lesbian veterans…Oxymoron.”

“Please explain this to me.”

“I know of a Korean war vet who is a homosexual. It’s not an oxymoron.”

“I agree…the don’t ask don’t tell Clinton policy was a bunch of B.S. I’m all for the FIBO policy…Find Out…Boot Out!”

“But, but, but they always say we know a lot of people who are homosexual.”

“AIDS advocates even tell us that “Anyone can get it,” when they want our money. But they say, “It’s almost impossible to get it,” when they want to push their lifestyle on any and all aspects of society. If the military is having such a tough time recruiting, opening up the ranks to avowed homosexuals will make it 10 times worse.”

“Since their admission of their perversion means they were ineligible to serve in the first place, we should pursue all legal means to revoke any and all military benefits that these sexual degenerates might be receiving.”

“these clowns are trying to give the impression that they are “macho” guys & are not a stereotype…wrong. Many years ago I worked on the General Staff & the new protocol officer could have been the precursor for “Queer Eye”!! He flitted around the hallways, giggled and everything was “fabulous”….it to the point that the general “hid him” when he had big wigs in town…”

“I have nothing against gays as long as they dont lay their perversions on me. I dont care how many times they bend over and take on their partner, why do they insist on telling me about it. Nobody knows they are queer until they advertise it. Dont ask Dont tell sounds like a good idea for every day life too.”

“You know why they want out?? Because unlike men and women who recognise each other they could be standing next to another queer and not know it themselves , missing out on another chance to get their ashes hauled. They dont recognise each other and that cuts down on their opportunities.”

“If the military’s Don’t etc. policy is repealed and isn’t immediately replaced with a nohomosexualsnever policy, the military will have taken a giant step to uselessness or alternatively, a giant step to total technicalization and elimination of troops as necessary for anything dangerous.”

“You are pretty slow arent you. That’s the policy until 1993. It was defacto dont ask dont tell. Yes the US Military needs fasion designers, artists, actors and other irresponsible sodomists it to “round out” it’s full spectrum warfare. //sarcasm guess we need the sodomites to deal with the middle eastern homos.”

“The deviants want to force themselves and their life style choices onto the majority of non deviants and then have special laws and enforcement created to protect them from critcism or from the retaliation by those who are sick of their constant whinning, crying,complaining and bitching. Naturally they also want special power..special priveleges..and extra consideration for promotion. Their greed and lust for power and tyranny of the minority never diminishes,never fact when appeased it only gets worse…and always to the detriment of the mission…”

“Wow a whole 7 people. You think the military could get the job done without them? Yep.”

“Sorry, if you are a veteran, there are so many more important issues you should be concerned with, besides your preferred method of orgasm. You want to serve, fine, serve, and keep your perversion out of it. The military is for self control and self discipline, not activism.”

“I’d like to see a bunch of vets get together and speak out on the other side of this issue. I’ve read some comments here and there over the years of FR and used to have them saved for threads like these. It’s obvious to anyone who is not a part of the “gay” agenda that homosexuals do not belong in the military. For many obvous reasons.”

“Policy should be: Ask, and if it’s the wrong answer, show ’em the door. And if it turns out later they lied, dishonorable discharge at the very least.”

“These men and women have fought and in some cases died for this Country. How DARE you suggest that they are not entitled to all the same benefits as are any other patriotic American Veteran. Shame on you!

Hat tip, PageOneQ.

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