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Bush on the ropes over port deal

My god, he just doesn’t get it, the moron. And he’s making threats saying he would veto any congressional effort to stop his deal — that’s balls.

Jeebus H. Christ, January 2009 can’t get here fast enough. I hate to break it to him, but this one is a political loser. Has Turdblossom gone tone-deaf on this one? (AP):

“After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward,” Bush told reporters who had traveled with him on Air Force One to Washington. “I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, `We’ll treat you fairly.'”

Bush called reporters to his conference room on the plane after returning from a speech in Colorado, addressing a controversy that is becoming a major headache for the White House. He said the seaports arrangement was “a legitimate deal that will not jeopardize the security of the country.”

…Two Republican governors, New York’s George Pataki and Maryland’s Robert Ehrlich, voiced their own doubts a day earlier.

But Bush said sternly he would not back down.

“They ought to listen to what I have to say about this. They’ll look at the facts and understand the consequences of what they’re going to do,” he said. “But if they pass a law, I’ll deal with it with a veto.”

See my earlier post on the port fracas here.

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