European Vacation

San Sebastian, Spain. Posted by Picasa

***Warning: soccer post***

We always told the lovely and talented Casey that, if she put in the effort and worked hard, good things would come to her. And they have. Despite coming off ACL surgery four weeks ago, yesterday she was selected to go play in the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian this July. Additionally she will be playing in some friendlies (a friendly is basically a warm-up match) in Koblenz Germany the week before, which also happens to be during Mens World Cup hosted by Germany.

Obviously the opportunity to play in Europe is a big one for her and to be there during World Cup with the atmosphere that it creates, had her bouncing off the walls last night.

As much as one can bounce of the walls with a reconstructed knee.

Oh yes, she will also be in Pamplona for the running of the bulls but, as you can imagine, she won’t be joining in.

***Okay. End of soccer post****

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