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Daddy Dobson's not-so-undercover ops in the Great White North

Focus on the Anus has expanded into Canada under its well-worn “brand name,” but it has also formed a shadow organization to fly under the media radar. Dave of The Galloping Beaver sent in this item; Dobson’s front organization for all things marriage-related in Canada is called The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. It would have been so much easier to just call this outfit Focus on the Great White North Anus and be done with it. Its mission (on what is a very meager web site):

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is pleased to announce its official opening effective Thursday, February 16, 2006. The IMFC, located close to Parliament Hill, is an initiative of Focus on the Family (Canada). The purpose of the IMFC is to be a think tank and research resource for Canada’s decision makers.

Executive Director, Dave Quist stated, “Today is the first step in adding a new dimension of research and background to the important policy issues that involve marriage and family. Family is the foundation upon our society. Without a strong family, society will weaken.”

The IMFC will initially have five staff, concentrating on creating and collecting research from both within Canada as well as around the world and bringing it into a Canadian context. “I am very excited by the opportunity to bring new insights and research forward to the people that shape Canada’s social and family policy,” continued Quist.

Quist is a true believer; he spent six years as executive assistant to former British Columbia Conservative MP Reed Elley.

The Galloping Beaver outlines some of the organizations that have been rubbing their hands together, smiling since Stephen Harper rose to power, and Dave discusses Dobson’s role in stoking the fires of fundamentalism.

Now, however, there is a whole range of groups, all with the same basic agenda starting to congregate in Ottawa intent on becoming close to government and bent on ramming their agenda down the throats of a majority who do not share their beliefs nor their views.

Tristan Emmanuel says many Canadian Christians tell him that Canada is a lost cause and that they plan to give up and move to the United States.

Concerned Christians Canada Inc, another for-profit organization has made no effort to hide their disdain for those who do not share their views. They are affiliated with Tristan Emmanuel, a dangerous homophobe and somebody with whom Harper has had personal dealings. CCCI is nothing short of a pure political movement which has been involved in the nomination and election of candidates. From their own literature:

CCC will aggressively, consistently and methodically combat the liberal stranglehold on the national agenda. We will ensure that the social conservative agenda is part of the national agenda.

They have been active fundraisers and the Conservative Party owes them.

Another group is the Institute for Canadian Values. They have established a “national think-tank” and profess to be a non-religious organization. Nothing could be further from the truth and their own literature contradicts this claim. Again, they promote regressive political action and the marginalization of any group who does not share their view. They have also worked to elect the Conservative Party and expect repayment in the form of legislation and regulations.

Citizen Impact Canada is a London, Ontario based lobby group which promotes an anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-science education agenda. They have been of little consequence on the national scene up to now and they were unsuccessful in returning either of their candidates to parliament in the last election. That fact notwithstanding, they are notorious for their proselytizing and feel they have a stake in legislation which will marginalize homosexuals, women and which will introduce Christian creationism into school classrooms.

There’s plenty to chew on in Dave’s post, so go read the rest.

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