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'Brokeback' & Abu Ghraib: What's our Problem with Gays?

Jesse Kornbluth has this great post up at HuffingtonPost today. Go read the whole thing. Here’s a taste:

This topic switch started with the release, by an Australian TV show, of a fresh wave of photos from Abu Ghraib. The horrors aren’t random — the “story” they tell is of systematic attacks on Islamic values. In what amounts to S&M; gay porn, our interrogators strip the Iraqis of their heterosexual masculinity, then force them to reenact somebody’s idea of gay scenarios.

… That day after I studied the Abu Ghraib images, I stumbled over gay sex again. This time, it was in a conversation with a Media Guru about the upcoming Academy Awards. He saw a ratings disaster. “After Jon Stewart’s opening segment,” he said, “everyone will change the channel.”

“What makes you think so?”

“This country isn’t going to show up to watch ‘Brokeback Mountain’ win a bunch of awards.”

… So here’s my question: Why are so many Americans — most of them living where there’s no uncloseted homosexual for miles — so full of fear and hate for gay men? (Gay women are another story; just ask any horny guy.) Why is gay sex unacceptable within our borders, but ideal to export to foreign torture chambers? Why, of all our urgent issues, is homosexuality right up there at the top?

… Then Slater suggested a more provocative question: Why are people on the Christian and political Right so angry when they seem to be winning?

I suggested some sort of twisted sexual rage — their religions limited their sexual expression and that made them jealous of those who felt unfettered by religious constraints.

Slater had another response: The Christian Right and the political conservatives are not winning. And they know it. That’s what infuriates them.

I love the first comment posted after the post: “Weissman (me)’s law states the situation. ‘Men who are down on homosexuals in public have been down on homosexuals in private.'”

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