Another long national nightmare comes to an end


She and her partner, Ben Agosto, had just finished performing an energetic long program to flamenco music, the final component of their Olympic competition at the Palavela. But near the end, Belbin had a small bobble on one of those dreaded twizzles, and she wondered if that mistake would cost them a medal.

For Belbin, 21, there was much to lose. It took a lot for her to get here.

As a native of Canada, Belbin needed a law to be passed to give her United States citizenship in time to qualify for the Olympics.

A long list of people had helped her make it: family, friends, congressmen, senators, even President Bush, who signed the appropriations bill into law. In that bill was a provision to expedite citizenship for about 100 people with special abilities. It gave Belbin, who has lived in the United States since 1998, citizenship one year early.

So Belbin, with doe eyes and the body of a prima ballerina, worried about that twizzle. In the end, it did not matter.

Even with that mistake, she and Agosto held on to second place with an overall score of 196.06 and won the first Olympic medal in ice dancing for the United States in 30 years. Neither she nor Agosto, 24, was even born when the last United States couple won an Olympic medal. Colleen O’Connor and Jim Millns won the bronze in 1976, when ice dancing made its Olympic debut.(My emphasis)

As happy as I am that the USA has now reclaimed a medal in ice dancing (so all you other countries with your fancy-schmancy ice dancing champions can just bite us), I am just so darn proud that we are the kind of country that won’t hesitate to do whatever is neccessary to shrink the “ice dancing gap” that threatens our national self esteem and just in the nick of time, I might add, as we were on the verge of losing our aura and turning black inside.

As you can tell, I hate ice skating/dancing/clogging/whatever. To the winners goes Champions on Ice and endorsements. For the losers; one day you’re representing your country in the Olympics, the next day you wake up in Boise playing Roz in Monsters Inc. on Ice and wondering what the hell happened to your dreams.


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