The beast with two heads

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MS. MATALIN: Well, understand, what’s going on in the course of the evening, they’re in this 50,000- acre farm, it took a half-hour for the ambulance to even reach them, they had to get out, so—by the time they got back and called the family, located them, got them to the hospital, and made all those machinations, it’s now, what, 10 or 11 o’clock back here? The vice president knew that the president had been informed within the hour, he knew that Karl Rove, who’s dear friends with Katharine Armstrong and Harry Whittington, had called, so he knew that the president had a full accounting. I’m not—this question’s repeatedly asked—I’m not sure what the implication of it is. What purpose would have been served by the vice president then waking up the president to say, “Feel my pain”? He knew he was fully informed, and he knew he was informed from personal friends, not just from the medics and the Secret Service. I just am hard-pressed to understand what is—what are we trying to—what itch are we trying to scratch?


MATTHEWS: But you don‘t have any problem if this was Al Gore, you wouldn‘t have—if Al Gore shot a guy in a hunting accident, had never called the president for two days, that wouldn‘t bother you?

O‘BEIRNE: I don‘t know what‘s being—given that the president knew as of Saturday evening, I don‘t know what is implied by the fact that the vice president did not speak directly to the president until Monday. I don‘t know what the implication there is.

One works for Cheney and gets paid for it. The other does and doesn’t.

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