As you probably heard, Blogger was as inconsistent as a Cheney cover story this weekend and posts and comments disappeared at a frightful rate. I lost about five posts that were not only devastatingly witty, but included links to documents, diagrams, and graphs that could have brought down the government and possibly Western Civilization despite the herculean efforts of Victor Davis Suleiman Was A Pussy Hanson. Oh yeah, there were also detailed instructions for three hitherto unknown sexual positions.

So it’s your loss and you can blame it all on Blogger because the first rule of blogging is no do-overs. Or it’s the fifth…I can’t remember.

Anyway I put all the time that I wasn’t blogging and cursing the bastards at Blogger into getting caught up on a few things of importance like reading five of the seven volumes of Frank Miller’s Sin City (which I enjoyed), finishing up Robert Ferrigno’s Prayers for the Assassin (more on that below), and going out to dinner with the visiting and lithe mrs tbogg and some friends who were also visiting from out of town. Fortunately at the dinner party no one stood up and stormed out declaring that they hadn’t left the party but instead the party left them. This is one of the dangers that we coastal elites must face every evening…or at least until the creme brulee shows up.

Now as to Prayers for the Assassin…Back when the hubbub about Assassin was starting to bubble up, Mr Ferrigno (who I should point out reads this blog) sent me an advance readers copy of Assassin to read for myself and judge. Although not a big crime book reader I’ve been a fan of Ferrigno since The Horse Lattitudes came out years ago. To me, Lattitudes was like having Elmore Leonard write about something that I could relate to, in that case the Southern California surf and drug culture (for an uglier spin on that, try Kem Nunn’s Tapping the Source). So anyway, I was predisposed as a fan of Ferrigno.

Having said that, and being painfully aware that the loathsome Charles Johnson of Little Green Fuhrers and the even more loathsome Hugh Hewitt have each given the book a “sig heil” up, I have to say that those who are trying to make it the next book for the Freeperatti Reading Group and Gun Club are stretching it a bit thin. Assassin is first and foremost a chase/thriller using an Islamic US as a setting to change it up a bit. I have always believed that in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale the dystopia that is Gilead is the main character of the book, with Offred in the supporting role. The same can’t be said of Assassin. In fact I’m surprised at some of the enthusiasm for it by the right when one considers that many Muslims in the book are depicted as good devout people while, on the other hand, the part of America in the novel that becomes officially known as the Bible Belt is described as more of a third world country (or current Mississippi) even more backward than the Islamic states. I guess in their enthusiasm to chortle over Jihad Cola the conservative side missed that part.

Anyway, although improbable, it’s a fun read and if the right wants to use it as an example of “it could happen here” well, it wouldn’t be the first time that they confused fiction with reality.

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