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The Scottbot hit Ctl-Alt-Del

McClellan ducks Cheney alcohol-related questions. Read Ron Brynaert’s Raw Story article about the Scottbot at the White House briefing yesterday. When reporters peppered him (oops!) with questions about Darth’s drinking, he seemed to do the equivalent of a reboot rather than answer anything.

When asked whether the Vice President’s actions were a metaphor for the Bush Administration’s “inability to come clean” such as the perceived “lack of cooperation” in the Abramoff scandal and Katrina investigations, McClellan responded that “only the most partisan of people or conspiracy theorists” would say something like that and that “most Americans reject it.”

One reporter aggressively interrogated McClellan about Vice President’s admission in the Fox interview that he had a beer four to five hours before shooting Harry Whittington. She said that it all wasn’t “in a nice neat package like the White House wants,” that “there was alcohol at lunch,” that the Vice President’s blood level wasn’t checked at the time, and that he wasn’t interviewed by local police until the following day.

I don’t think you characterized the full picture there,” McClellan responded, ” I believe most Americans believe the issue has been covered thoroughly. I reject this characterization.”

The same reporter suggested that the “average American” wouldn’t be able to avoid the police or blood alcohol tests. But McClellan kept side-stepping the questions, and advised the press to look at the sheriff department’s report, which said that alcohol wasn’t involved, though the Vice President did have at least one beer before the incident.

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Pam Spaulding