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Oh, before I get to the round up, what is this sh*t about Darth saying he has the power to declassify information?! His quote:

“I have certainly advocated declassification. I have participated in declassification decisions,” Cheney said. Asked for details, he said, “I don’t want to get into that. There’s an executive order that specifies who has classification authority, and obviously it focuses first and foremost on the president, but also includes the vice president.”

Wake me up when we have our democracy back.


* Rena and several of you emailed about Willie Nelson and his release of a “gay cowboy” song, “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other.” Christopher Geidner of Law Dork blogged about it, putting it into context — Pansy Division actually sang a version of this song, released more than a decade ago.

* Blender Tony sent the link to the photos that Bush admin doesn’t want you to see from Abu Ghraib. There are 15 of them that an Australian paper has published.

* MadKane’s offering today is Don’t Hunt With Dick Cheney (Sing to “On Top Of Old Smokey”).

* Holly passed on another strange one. A pastor in McKinney, Texas utters unhinged sh*t on the stand. A woman is accused of cutting off the arms of her 10-month-old daughter, and at trial, her pastor, Doyle Davidson, the 73-year-old minister of the Water of Life Church, told jurors Wednesday that mental illness is actually demon possession and cannot be cured with medication.

* Kathy of Birmingham Blues was brave; she attended a public hearing on Alabama constitutional reform in Montgomery and had an out-of-body experience watching the wingnuts go berserk. She should have known when she first arrived that the only other early bird was a “pleasant, mild-mannered gentleman with a Ten Commandments pin on his lapel.” The dude later got up once the hearings began and said “he had come to speak to the Christians and the non-Christians could just snooze for a few minutes, because non-Christians don’t believe in absolute truth.”

* The BradBlog has been all over this one — Ann Coulter voted in the wrong precinct — she may face charges in Florida for this, lololol. (h/t, Blender Jennifer of Intous)

* Patrick at Yelladog blogs about Roxanne Jekot, a Cumming, Georgia women who has called out the use of insecure voting machines in her county. She is being persecuted by the county authorities where she lives — the state seized her house and suspended her driver’s license.

* Via Shakes Sis, Brokeback Mountain dolls on eBay.

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