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Peter LaBarbera's knickers are in a twist again

Peter has gone undercover more than once to do research, including a visit to a Chicago bathhouse to see “a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men” so that he could report back to the faithful.

SpinDoctor over at All Spin Zone alerted me to another eruption by our friend at the Illinois Family Institute, Peter LaBarbera, who is mad at Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Daley got on the wrong side of the leather-event-investigating winger activist because the mayor has declined to bid for the next Republican National Convention, but the Windy City has secured the 2006 Gay Games plus committed the unholy act of actually hosting the 1996 Dem national convention. (IFI):

Illinois Family Institute Executive Director Peter LaBarbera said today that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley “has his priorities all mixed up,” after learning that Daley will not even bid for the Republican National Convention, after excitedly courting the “Gay Games” and spending lavishly on the 1996 Democrat convention.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that Daley will not join the many other cities bidding for the 2008 Republican convention, so he can focus on launching a campaign for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

…”To not even bid on the Republican convention after having a Howard Dean moment celebrating Chicago’s landing the 2006 ‘Gay Games’ says a lot about the Mayor’s partisan and confused priorities,” LaBarbera said. “Perhaps if this were a convention of homosexual Republicans, he would be showing some interest.”

This pic is running on the IFI site with Peter’s caption – More than sport: The “Gay Games” has links for Steamworks, below, and another Chicago homosexual bathhouse –where men go for anonymous sex with other men–in the “Parties & Events” section of its website. Above is the “Gay Games” float in the 2005 Chicago “Gay Pride” parade.

..Mayor Daley spent millions of Chicago taxpayer dollars to create and improve what one homosexual journalist called “America’s First Official Gay Neighborhood,” the “Boys Town” section of Lakeview that is marked by eleven pairs of tax-funded, 23-foot-high pillars to celebrate the city’s homosexual citizens. The pillars are adorned with the rainbow colors adopted as a symbol by homosexual activists (while others resent the appropriation of the rainbow to mark behavior long considered immoral).

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