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Pamela Willeford
name: Pamela Willeford
race: white (duh…)
age: 50ish
sex: f (duh…)
occupation: US Ambassadress to Switzerland
last seen: Sat. 2/11/06, on a ranch in Texas, in the company of the V-POTUS
details: Ms. Willeford is missing after an incident involving firearms and alcohol. SHE MAY BE IN GRAVE DANGER. Please report any information immediately to the authorities.

(thanks two beers)

Emptywheel has more on the holes in the extremely suspicious stories of those who may in fact be involved in her disappearance.

And MSNBC would like to know how much you care.

A coincidence that we haven’t heard anything from the uncharacteristically silent Lynne Cheney? I think not!!!

Update: CBS News: "Cheney is in a "state of meltdown" over shooting his friend and the political fallout it has caused, a source close to the Cheney has told CBS News."

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