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This gives Hugh Hewitt a hard-on. Posted by Picasa

The apotheosis of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, Hugh Hewitt

(HH is Hewitt, HT is Helen Thomas)

HH: I’m asking, Helen, if you think Saddam was good for Iraq?

HT: Of course not.

HH: Okay.

HT: But I don’t think it was right to go in and to kill thousands of people.

HH: Do you think he would have killed even more…

HT: No.

HH: …and that there would have been any free elections?

HT: No, no. I think that we brought it on, and we have really killed thousands. And I don’t know how you can face that fact and look in the mirror.

HH: And what would have happened to the Oil For Food program if Saddam had not been removed?

HT: Look, are you…I’m talking about human beings. Why don’t you try to think of the people you’ve killed. All of us. It’s all on our hands.

HH: Helen, again, I think it was a good thing…

HT: I’m so sorry that you don’t care about people who’ve been slained, thousands and thousands. I mean, worry about them.

Thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children had to die to fulfill Hugh Hewitt’s dream of empire….and that makes Hugh happy.

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