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Cheney spoke and he took responsibility — or did he? (E&P;):

In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Brit Hume this afternoon, Vice President Dick Cheney took full responsibility for shooting his hunting companion, who has until now been pictured as the guilty party. The interview will not air in full until 6 p.m., but according to Hume, in summarizing the contents, the vice president remained “totally unapologetic” about the long lag in reporting the shooting to the public — and also said that he had consumed one beer at lunch that day.

…Hume indicated that Cheney called last Saturday’s accidental shooting “one of the worst days of my life,” but that the vice president was certain that he handled it correctly by waiting nearly a day to make it public. He also revealed that Cheney disclosed having a beer with lunch that day, but stressed that it was several hours before the shooting occurred. [Well isn’t that special? Now that this has been uncovered, what else is there we don’t know?]

Ranch owner Katharine Armstrong has said no one hunting that day had any beer. The Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday that it had been told that the hunters that day “broke for a lunch of antelope, jicama salad and camp bread, washed down with Dr. Pepper.” Armstrong later modified her remarks, saying there may have been beer in coolers but she didn’t think anyone who was hunting that day had any.

I interpret this act to mean (given this Administration’s behavior) that by apologizing, he’s hoping for sympathy and to get the media to shut this story down.

After all, he’s copping to throwing back a brewskie while on the hunt. Why shouldn’t we be suspicious about truth-telling when this is the kind of information is released?

In an e-mail statement Wednesday to NBC News, the vice president’s press secretary referred NBC News to the Kenedy County Sheriff’s Department report on the incident, which said it did not believe alcohol use was a factor in the shooting.

At a news conference Wednesday outside Whittington’s hospital in Corpus Christi, reporters asked hospital officials whether Whittington’s blood-alcohol level had been tested. The officials responded with a “no comment.”

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