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The endless Katrina f*ckups

I think Skeletor better start cleaning out his desk and polishing up his resume (One can only hope his isn’t as uniquely padded as “Brownie’s”). The White House says it stands behind Chertoff.

Michael Chertoff did a tap dance yesterday, saying he’s getting that whole Homeland Security thing down pat and bringing some common sense and preparation to FEMA.

It’s a wonder people didn’t break out into hysterical laughter, knowing this was nothing more than a dog and pony show to deflect the butt-scorching he, his agency and his incompetent Chimperor were going to receive in the 520-page House report, “A Failure of Initiative,” released today (highlights here).

Last night, Anderson Cooper had a report on about more mind-blowing FEMA incompetence. It makes you sick to see the pictures of over 11,000 empty, new mobile homes sitting in the middle of an Arkansas field when 12,000 Katrina victims are being kicked out of hotels and are homeless once again.

In — in case you think this disaster is over, remember, there are tens of thousands of people without homes, families who face eviction from the hotel rooms they have been crammed in to, and still bodies unidentified and missing.

And, in Arkansas — take a look at the pictures on the screen there — 11,000 mobile homes that have been sitting empty in the city of hope for months now, tied up in red tape. And now, according to a Homeland Security inspector who testified yesterday, they are literally sinking in the mud.

Yesterday, federal officials said the trailers may end up in the dumpster, unused by Katrina victims. They were meant to shelter them. And they — according to this inspector, they may be unused. The math behind this is mind-boggling. It’s enough to make you scream — 10,777 mobile homes sitting empty in Hope — the average cost per trailer, almost $28,000 — that’s the number we came up with when we did the math, based on the numbers that FEMA has so far released — which adds up to a potential loss of $301.7 million.

That’s taxpayer money, your money, my money. Why aren’t the mobile homes installed where they’re needed? FEMA’s rules and red tape.

Here’s the AC360 blog by CNN Correspondent Susan Roesgen.

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