Hugh Hewitt: Hectoring Dimwit

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Go read this and wonder why Laurence O’Donnell didn’t tell Hugh Hewitt to blow it out his ass.

The fact of the matter is that Cheney has admitted to drinking on Saturday before shooting a 78 year-old man in the face, and he has a history of alcohol problems, but Hewitt, a C-list radio “personality” teaching at a third-rate law school, isn’t interested in actually discussing anything with O’Donnell. He’s just there to bully and act obtuse (although it might not be an act). Here is a key part:

HH: I’m not. I keep reading the line you wrote, which is…

LO: You know who leaves the scene of car accidents are mostly drunk, okay?

HH: “Every lawyer I’ve talked to assumes Cheney was too drunk to talk to the cops after the shooting.” I talked to a lawyers. I’m a lawyer. I never assumed that for a moment. I was a former DOJ lawyer. I never assumed that for a moment.

LO: Okay.

HH: I think it’s crazy to assume that. I don’t think anyone told you that. I think you’re lying.

For further examples of how Hewitt lies and how he bullies his guests, go here.

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