Shorter Dean Esmay Redux

When we last left Dean Esmay he was explaining that, and I’m going to summarize here, words can have different meanings and you could have knocked us over with a featherwith that little bomblet.

Today we learn that “propaganda” doesn’t necessarily mean lies.

When you say “that’s just propaganda,” it’s about like saying, “that’s just a rumor.” Well as it happens, rumors are often true, but when you say “just a rumor,” you mean “only a rumor,” as in, it has no substance. So if you were to say something is “just propaganda,” that would imply that there’s no truth behind it. But if you say “that’s propaganda,” that does not mean it’s lies, or dishonest. Indeed, it might be entirely honest, completely from the heart, and factually correct.

Yes. Semiotics loss is Pajamas Media’s gain.

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