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Catching up with things in the mailbag…

* The Conservative Echo Chamber ’06 Playbook is a great post over at Big Brass Blog by thatcoloredfella. Also check out the sprucing up of the site by The Dark Wraith (many thanks!).

* Kathy at Birmingham Blues passes along more bad news for Roy Moore’s embattled campaign. The Ten Commandments candidate for the Alabama governorship is being butt-kicked by sitting Gov. Bob Riley — 56% – 28% in latest polls. She also points to a post over at Local Tint on the Alabama legislature killing a hate crimes bill.

* Oy, Jon over at Pensito Review has a howler up, Ennis Del Bush. A must-see.

* Blender Bob in Raleigh sent a link to the Village Voice‘s Riff Raff column by Nick Sylvester — Insane Clown Posse Juggalos: Responsible for Massachusetts Gay Bar Massacre? — on Jacob Robida’s favorite “band.”

* Jerry of A Christian Voice for LGBT Rights points to the WaPo article, Candidates for State Office Make Their Bid for Conservative Party Support, sees the pic below of William Weld sucking up to the NY Conservatives as he makes a run for the governor’s seat. Can you believe this shite?

Republican candidates for governor – Patrick Manning, Randy Daniels, William F. Weld and John Faso – spoke to members of the Conservative Party at their conference, seeking a crucial endorsement.

When the moderator asked Mr. Weld if “what’s good for Massachusetts is good for New York,” Mr. Weld responded: “I would veto any bill that legalized same-sex marriage in this state.

“I do favor equality of rights in terms of owning property, visitation rights, that sort of thing,” he added. “I think aggregation of those is what we mean by civil unions.”

Mr. Long said that Mr. Weld’s statements on gay marriage represented a welcome “evolution of philosophical change.”

Jerry says: “This sleazeball once again proves how LGBT people and their relationships have been, and are being, used for crass political purposes. And who has the ‘agenda?'”

* Stop for some more Cheney amusement over at MadKane — “Cheney Misfires — Big Time!” and a poem and a limerick on Congress’s halfhearted efforts to reclaim some of its power.

* Visit Mike Tidmus for his post on Freedom To Marry Week.

* Catherine over at PovertyBarn has some delicious TomKat news for Valentine’s Day.

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