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Paul Hackett drops out of Ohio Senate race

I’m slammed today; many more bloggers have already hit the story of Paul Hackett succumbing to the establishment pressure to withdraw from the Ohio Senate race, so I’ll just link up to The Moderate Voice, which has several links on the development.

Why is Ohio such a swamp of corruption and regressive politics? You hate to see a great Fighting Dem prospect like Hackett beaten down, though we’ll never know the full story about the backroom backstabbing. It’s too bad because Hackett he was pro-gay, to boot.

Here’s part of Hackett’s statement :

Today I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the race for United States Senate. I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign.

But there was no quid pro quo. I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration.

I told the voters from the beginning that I am not a career politician and never aspired to be – that I was about leadership, service and commitment.

Similarly, I told party officials that I had given my word to other good Democrats, who will take the fight to the Second District, that I would not run. In reliance on my word they entered the race. I said it. I meant it. I stand by it. At the end of the day, my word is my bond and I will take it to my grave.

Thus ends my 11 month political career. Although it is an overused political cliche, I really will be spending more time with my family, something I wasn’t able to do because my service to country in the political realm continued after my return from Iraq.

Sherrod Brown, representing the 13th district, is now going to get the Dem nod. (You can learn more about Brown and his grassroots project to take back the state, Grow Ohio, at Hughes for America). His stance on rights issues can be found here.

* Another Dem gay-rights spine located: Paul Hackett

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