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Cheney shooting victim has heart attack

Birdshot has lodged into Harry Whittington‘s heart. Supreme illegal game hunter Darth Cheney better hope this guy doesn’t kick it. (Dallas Morning News):

The man shot by Vice President Dick Cheney suffered a minor heart attack after birdshot moved into his heart, hospital officials said Tuesday, and was moved back to the intensive care unit for further treatment. Texas attorney Harry Whittington was recovering and will be monitored for seven days to make sure more bird shot doesn’t move to other organs or move to other part of his body, hospital officials said.

Hat tip, Holly.

UPDATE: The Brad Blog notes that the heart attack occurred “early Tuesday” but Scotty McClellan failed to mention it in today’s White House Press Briefing. Brad:

I am less concerned with why Cheney failed to notify the media or the nation in the 21 hours after the shooting, and more interested in why he seems to have failed to give full disclosure to the White House itself.

Thus, I continue to ask: What didn’t the President know, and why didn’t he know it?

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