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United Arab Emirates jails 12 for attending 'gay wedding'

State-sanctioned punishment for simply being at a gay-related event is mind-blowing and sick, but here’s a case where twelve men are going to jail for five years for doing just that. No one was caught participating in sexual activity. They confessed (you have to wonder what methods were used to “elicit” a confession of their orientation).

And there’s no appeal, it’s not clear whether these men face forced hormone injections as well.

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) court has jailed 12 men who were arrested after being discovered preparing for a gay wedding but acquitted another 14 defendants.

“Eleven men have confessed to practising homsexuality. They were sentenced to five years in prison (for homosexuality) and one year for obscenity,” the official told AFP Sunday. “Another man was sentenced to one year in prison for obscenity, but was acquitted of homosexuality charges… while 14 others have been released after being found not guilty,” he added.

…It said the men were busted in a hotel “dressed in women’s clothes and make-up in preparation of gay wedding.”

The official said the verdict was not final and could be appealed. The US State Department had condemned the arrests and called on its close Gulf ally to stop reported plans for a forced hormone treatment against the suspects, which an interior ministry official then denied.

More on the background of this story from DIRELAND, Doug also notes:

The UAE has also just banned the film “Brokeback Mountain,” as part of “its efforts in protecting the society from unethical and immoral practices.”

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