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Red likes us…

…our least favorite crimson-penised Angry Redneck really likes us. (And no, he doesn’t get a link; you can Google him yourself. Warning: offensive content and garish HTML await you.)

But apparently someone complained to Blogger about him violating their Terms of Service (thanks to a Blender for pointing that out in the comments), because now his site is behind an “objectionable content” wall, and his posts about “n*ggers, sp*cks, and ch*nks” seem to have disappeared.

So now apparently we’ve earned his focus and wrath:

Support the NAACP!

I know that my recent posts backing the rights of African Americans has made the left mad, but I will not be will not be deterred in supporting the rights of all of God’s children. This is what the left does not want you to see! ” Radical Ross Belville” is preaching hatred on his site about Christians! “Pam’s Coffee House” is doing the very same thing. These people are scared of Christianity! Why do these two hate people of color so much? Why are they willing to lie at any cost? What do they have to gain? These are racists in the utmost sense of the word! Pray for them, please. Pam is a lesbian and bound for hell!

Pam, why DO you hate black people so much? And don’t worry, sweetie, I’m an atheist, so I’ll save you a nice spot by the Lake of Fire. (Me and Red have been wrasslin’ for months. I seem to attract trolls. Must be my cologne.)

What was I talking about? Ah, yes, “scared of Christianity”. Since Red’s sanitized his blog, let’s use the magic of Google’s cache to learn more about Red’s brand of Compassionate Christian Conservatism that what we’re scared of:

XXX Muslim Women!! F*ck Muhammad!! Naked Muslim Women Here!

F*ck you Allah!!

[On a cute Photoshopped Wendy’s sign:] Liberals suck Red Peters’ c*ck!

[On a cute Photoshopped picture of a man in a gorilla suit holding aloft a sign, found from a link called “The Black Caucus”:] Red Peters gets my vote and I am a black mo fo!

[On a cute Photoshopped billboard, found from a “link for minorities”:] All Minorities can suck Red Peter’s d*ck!

Note that this “Red Peters” is not the rockabilly musician Red Peters.

Now he’s sent me nine e-mails in the past half-hour. Thank MNESD that Outlook has great spam-catching features. Hey, Fritz, feel up to one of those excellent cartoons of yours?

In a sense, it is too bad Blogger sanitized him. He used to be such a perfect example.

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