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Lynn Swann gets nod from PA GOP for governor

“It is important that the next Governor of Pennsylvania share the values of Pennsylvanians. I believe I have those core conservative values; spend less, tax less, protect the most innocent among us, govern in a compassionate way, and provide opportunity for all Pennsylvanians.”
— Lynn Swann

Dem Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell will likely face former NFL star Lynn Swann in the fall. On Saturday the state Republican State Committee endorsed the anti-choice gubernatorial candidate Swann, who tearfully accepted the backing and blasted Rendell. (Pittsburgh Live):

On top of a 10 percent increase in the personal income tax, Rendell has “raised every fee you can think of for the state of Pennsylvania,” Swann said. “The cost of a birth certificate is more. The cost of a death certificate is more and the cost of life in between under Ed Rendell is just too damn expensive.”

…Swann is the first black to win the endorsement of either major party for Pennsylvania governor. Chester County Recorder of Deeds Terrence Farrell attended the committee meeting as a guest, not a delegate.

Asked as a black elected official what the GOP endorsement of Swann means to him, Farrell responded, “I think the real significance is we have a great candidate, who happens to be African-American. The fact that he’s African-American is secondary to being a great candidate.”

…Tricia Enright, Rendell’s campaign spokeswoman, said Swann talks about property tax relief but hasn’t offered specifics about how he would pay for it. Leadership “means tackling top issues, not punting on them,” she said.

Swann has charisma and presence and I think he’s obviously a strong candidate. When you go to his web site, you’ll notice the Santorum-esque conservative agenda is firmly in place.

Lynn Swann believes that the Commonwealth has an obligation to protect its citizens, and that includes the most innocent among us, the unborn.

As Governor, Lynn Swann would support extending protections to the unborn. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe. Vs. Wade, Lynn Swann would sign a bill the legislature sends him extending additional protections to the unborn.

Until that time, Lynn Swann will continue attempting to create a culture of life, both by using legislation as well as using the bully pulpit of the office. He will work to reduce the numbers of abortions by encouraging alternatives, including adoption and abstinence.

What? No birth control, Lynn? Were all your NFL buddies abstinent in your glory days? I would assume that most of them were boinking chicks and impregnating quite a few, and the rest at least had the good fortune to carouse with women who thought enough to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies with contraception, something nowhere in your message about reducing the need for abortions.

I will give him one thing, a couple of sentences tucked into his vision that indicates that he at least acknowledges the need to provide for those less fortunate than himself (omething completely missing in the Rovian conservative agenda), harkening back to another NFL star and current conservative in the wilderness, Jack Kemp:

Compassion will top the governing agenda. Lynn Swann would make sure that government retains its role as a safety net for those who need it. By keeping government’s role to its key functions, we can help those who need it in a way that is both conservative and compassionate.

As we all know, Bush and his crew toss “compassion” around like a political football to the laughable point of meaninglessness. Does Swann mean it? Time will tell.

The other bit of news is that the PA GOP threw its weight behind the brother of MSNBC’s Hardball host and recently unhinged dumbass Chris Matthews — Jim Matthews — for lieutenant governor.

The state committee’s unanimous endorsement all but seals a primary victory for the Swann-Matthews team. Former Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association lobbyist Jim Panyard is running for governor, but he did not compete for the endorsement. The deadline for entering the race is March 7. The winner of the GOP primary will take on Rendell, 62, a former Philadelphia mayor, who is expected to seek a second four-year term.

Jim Matthews, who isn’t well known statewide, joked that he’s often referred to as Chris Matthews’ brother. Jim Matthews said he thinks people will now call him “Lynn Swann’s running mate.” Matthews will help give the ticket regional appeal, said Rep. Brett Feese, R-Lycoming County. “He (Rendell) is a Philadelphia governor, and he doesn’t appeal across the state.” Asked how Republicans can crack Rendell’s electoral strength in the Southeast, Feese said, “That’s where Jim Matthews comes in.”

Maybe someone should ask Jim Matthews if he agrees with Chris’s homophobia. From Imus, via Eschaton:

MATTHEWS: Well, the wonderful Michael Savage, who’s on 570 in DC, who shares a station with you at least, he calls it [laughter]-what’s he call it?-he calls it Bare-back Mount-ing. That’s his name for the movie.


In related news, the whole surge-of-black Republicans thing is starting up again on the Right, even after Katrina has shrunk the support of blacks to the party to miniscule levels. This is due to the high-profile black Repugs that are in major races this year.

In theory, it is a good thing to have more than one party for blacks to choose from and to be courted by. Dems take the vote for granted and quite frankly, count on the black vote way too often without having to actually do anything. The phenomenon of candidates going little or nothing to court the black vote until election day nears — with the candidates nicely showing up at churches for the photo op — is always expected.

Fortunately for the Dems, the GOP has done a miserable job of attracting blacks to the party because, well, it’s populated with a lot of bigots. About the only faction that has actively courted blacks has been the AmTaliban, uniting on the social conservativism of a large chunk of the religious black community, where you see, sadly, common ground because of opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage. Ken Mehlman’s dog and pony show has pretty much been gutted by his ties to the administration and its pathetic, amoral handling of Katrina. It would be healthy to have viable choices — moderate-to-liberal Republicans — but that’s not what the current state of the GOP is.

And thus the current crop of black Republicans running are of the wingnut variety, with the AmTaliban seal of approval. From Crazy Pat’s Christian Broadcasting Network News, which is salivating about these candidates.

Many black Americans almost automatically vote Democrat, and in recent times, more than 90 percent of them have opposed the Bush presidency — a sign that Republicans might not do much better with them this November.

But there are signs too, and some black pundits and politicians say African-Americans are handicapping their own interests unless they make both parties fight for the black vote.

Commentator Herman Cain says when blacks vote Republican, “It sends a very strong message that you can no longer look at the African-American vote as one monolithic group.”

Dwight McKissic is a politically active pastor in Dallas, Texas. He said, “The problem is, as Dr. E. V. Hill us
ed to say, ‘If all blacks vote Democrat and Republicans are in office, we’re out of power, we have no access.”

OK. Stop. Dwight McKissic has turned up many times on the Blend. He’s another of the classic homo-bigots who spins colorful fairy tales about the Homo AgendaTM. McKissic on gay marriage: “I’m insulted and offended by a comparison between gay rights and civil rights. They’re confusing my skin with their sin.”

Back to the CBN story…

Former football superstar Lynn Swann is now a Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania. “You have to have representation on both sides of the aisle,” Swann said. “What’s freedom if you don’t have choices and options?”

Enough blacks are joining the GOP that the National Black Republican Association recently formed in Washington, D.C., and this week is co-sponsoring the high-powered Conservative Political Action Conference in the nation’s capitol. Condoleezza Rice is often spoken of as a leading Republican candidate for the presidency in 2008.

OK. Stop. Could they all fit in a conference room? Never mind; back to the article.

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell [homo-bigot tool of the AmTaliban, and friend of Rod Parsley] may be the most-experienced, having been Cincinnati’s mayor, Ohio’s treasurer, a deputy Cabinet secretary in the first Bush administration, and a U.N. Human Rights Commission ambassador.

Then there is Maryland’s first black lieutenant governor, Michael Steele [liar – phony Oreo-pelting story] , who would like to be Maryland’s first black U.S. senator next year.

Now all of these Republican candidates also happen to be dedicated Christians. Keith Butler [major homo-bigot], is a minister of the 21,000-member mega church Word of Faith International Christian Center, outside Detroit, Michigan. Butler said, “I’ve grown through tribulations, tests, and trials for being a Republican. I’ve been one for 25 years.”

He has received an almost-giddy endorsement from Charisma Magazine, excited that Butler is the very embodiment of today’s charismatic conservative — pro-life, anti-gay marriage, a big backer of low taxes and the free market.

Butler is unhinged. From an editorial that appeared in The Detroit News.

Marriage was instituted by God himself for the purpose of preventing the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes — and for securing the maintenance and education of children.” Recent legal and cultural trends seek to redefine Webster’s definition of marriage.

…First, traditional marriage must be protected for the proliferation of our generations. Regardless of how you slice it, you cannot get around the fact that a woman is the one who carries the egg and the man is the one who carries the sperm. The natural union of the egg and the sperm is how you and I came into being.

So, what to do? Clearly there is some appeal in a small slice of the black community for some of the worst aspects of the Republican Party’s conservative wing. Do the Dems ignore it as a fringe, tiny element, continuing to take the base for granted, and counting on the massive f*ckups by the GOP to keep the black vote solidly Dem? Or will these candidates succeed and spur a trend?

I certainly don’t know, but hell, the GOP got ~20% of the gay vote and did absolutely nothing for homos except continually demonizing them in the last election.

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