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Fundies to Arnold: terminate your lesbo chief of staff or else

The Governator has now learned that pandering to the wild-eyed, homo-bigoted base only gets you in deeper sh*t.

The self-appointed morality stooges in the California GOP are threatening not to endorse Schwarzenegger’s re-election bid unless he dumps his newly appointed chief of staff, out lesbian Susan Kennedy (who’s a Democrat to add insult to injury to the wingers).

California Republican leaders are struggling behind the scenes to quell an insurrection by angry conservatives who want to strip Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of the state party endorsement if he doesn’t drop his Democratic chief of staff, Susan Kennedy.

The conservative California Republican Assembly’s demand for a vote on its “Susan Kennedy Resolution” has tossed a firebomb into efforts to shape the party’s agenda at its Feb. 24-26 winter convention in San Jose.

Two leading conservative activists, former state Republican Party Chairman Michael Schroeder and California Republican Assembly President Mike Spence, indicated in interviews that they would back away from the Kennedy resolution if party leaders allow convention votes on four other measures critical of Schwarzenegger’s legislative agenda.

…But the conservative backlash against the governor is crystallizing in an uproar over his appointment of Kennedy, whom the resolution claims “has spent most of her adult life pursuing a partisan Democratic agenda for higher taxes, greater government spending, gay rights, abortion rights … and other anti-Republican policy issues.”

You lie down with the bible-beating dogs, and you come up with fleas, Arnie.

Hat tip, Shakes Sis.

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