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Bag Hillary; this is ridiculous

Please, if there is still anyone out there who thinks Hillary is actually a viable 2008 candidate, please try to make the case. I see absolutely no reason why the Dems should nominate her.

Now we have her positioning herself with the most ludicrous hawk position on Iran, along with Indiana’s Evan Bayh (also positioning for 2008). What a bag of hot air — talk is cheap when you want to talk about the possibility of military action in Iran. This is empty muscle-flexing that will convince no one (except the devout Hillary believers). (Salon, reg/ad view req’d):

REUTERS/Jason Reed

The always-square-in-the-middle-of-the-road Sen. Clinton declared in a foreign-policy address at Princeton last month, “We cannot take any option off the table in sending a clear message to the current leadership of Iran — that they will not be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons.” It is easy to draw such lines in the dust three years before any Democratic president would be forced to act on them, but there is also a risk that such threats may ultimately sound as hollow as demanding Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.”

…Bayh, Clinton and the other all-options-on-the-table Democrats have not yet Krazy-glued themselves into any precipitous course such as, say, threatening airstrikes against Iranian nuclear facilities. But in the 33 months (yes, we are already counting down) to the 2008 election, there will be many tempting opportunities for national-security Democrats to ratchet up their guns-blazing rhetoric on Iran. But the last thing the Democrats need — especially when so many of them proved so compliant for so long over Iraq — is to give way to I-ran-amok posturing in their quest for the White House.

Let’s see Hil…what’s left of the U.S. military to even send over there? Can you imagine the laughter of the mullahs as they gear up to launch a fresh “holy war on U.S. terror”? Any f*cking thing to get elected. How can her defenders get behind this transparent shilling?

I don’t see what the appeal is; even if she weren’t a Clinton, her positions are so squishy and have the odor of polling and focus groups. Hil and her minions just don’t get the fact that she’s just plain unpopular in flyover country.

Hat tip, ‘Bean, who nearly had a conniption when he read this article…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding