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Currently showing (and, yes, there are some spoilers involved):

Movie: Flightplan – For Flightplan we will use the rottentomatoes summary:

Robert Schwentke’s FLIGHTPLAN is the movie Foster chose as her comeback vehicle; playing the recently widowed Kyle Pratt, she sticks close to PANIC ROOM territory, delving further into fear and isolation as her character boards an airplane to escort her dead husband’s body from Berlin to New York.

Kyle brings her young daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston) on the plane with her, and they fly on a craft that was designed by the grieving widow during her tragic tenure in Berlin. But after a short in-flight nap, Kyle awakes to find Julia has disappeared. Her frantic search leads nowhere, and it seems no one on the plane can remember Kyle’s daughter boarding the plane. An air marshal named Carson (Peter Sarsgaard) and the pilot of the plane, Captain Rich (Sean Bean), methodically ask Kyle some questions to determine where Julia could be, but she fails to produce any concrete evidence, not even a boarding pass. At this point, Kyle begins to doubt her own sanity, and Schwentke steers the movie through some surprising plot twists as his lead character teeters on the brink of madness. The second half of the movie drops the Hitchcockian intrigue (FLIGHTPLAN owes a sizeable debt to Hitchcock’s 1938 thriller THE LADY VANISHES) and settles into a more straightforward action film, but Foster shines throughout.

Now the red herring in Flight Plan was a group of scary Middle Eastern men right out of Annie Jacobson’s latest hot flash. As it turns out (and here is the spoiler) the bad guys are members of the flight crew who are smuggling something (I don’t want to ruin all of it) on board. Fair enough. But here we have the ever sane Debbie Schlussel complaining about the blood libel against…um, flight attendants.

Throughout “Flight Plan,” we are given hints–very strong hints–that four Muslim Arabs are the terrorists on the plane. But in the end–breaking a cardinal rule of thrillers–the hints have no pay-off.

Instead, the terrorists are the flight’s air marshal and a flight attendant.

That is an outrage for a number of reasons. Two of those reasons are Betty Ong and Madeleine Amy Sweeney. Both were among the many flight attendants who gave their lives on 9/11.

They weren’t terrorists. They were American heroes. Instead of calling their families to say good-bye, they contacted ground crews and identified the hijackers. It was because of them that authorities were able to identify Mohammad Atta and his 18 thugs as Al Qaeda.

Other flight attendants were brutally murdered by the hijackers, who slit their throats.

And now Jodie Foster and Charles J. D. Schlissel have the chutzpah to portray these low-paid workers as terrorists?!


And yet…somehow true:

Two federal air marshals were due in court Monday to answer charges that they used their positions to help smuggle 15 kilograms of cocaine onto a domestic flight from Houston to Las Vegas, NBC News has learned.

Shawn Ray Nguyen, 38, and Burlie Sholar, 32, both of Houston, were arrested last Thursday. They face drug charges in connection with the undercover sting operation.

The air marshals allegedly helped drug dealers bypass security at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport in exchange for $15,000.

We’ll let the idea of cocaine coming through George Bush Airport slide since it’s named after George HW Bush whose vices were limited to infidelities and not cocaine…or so they say.

We can only imagine Debbie’s dismay at learning that the miscreants weren’t names Abu ben Khalid and Malik Saaiq bin Johnson. Although that Nguyen guy sounds pretty suspicious, if you know what I mean.

Next, as part of our double bill, we have 1987’s No Way Out:

Thriller in which a naval commander begins dating an alluring woman who happens to be the girlfriend of his boss (the Secretary of Defense). When the woman is murdered, the Secretary assigns the task of tracking down the killer to the military officer — who promptly becomes the main suspect.

Now in this thriller the Secretary of Defense (Gene Hackman) kills his mistress and then allows his closeted gay assistant, Scott Pritchard (Will Patton) orchestrate the cover-up and comes up with the idea of assigning the blame elsewhere. Hackman and Patton’s characters have quite the Mr. Burns/Smithers thing going on.

Which brings us to Dick Cheney shooting some poor old 78 year-old man and then trying to cover it up and deflect blame. In this case, they have been using Mary Matalin, who is not as gay man…or so they say.

Me? I would have had Ken Mehlman out in front of this. But then I’ve never had a problem with type casting.

Later this week, why Laura Bush is like Randy Quaid in The Last Detail.

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