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We haven’t checked in on the Power Tools in awhile, but we just knew that they would have the best (and by ‘best’ we mean ‘most ridiculous’) response to Deadeye Dick’s Wild Weekend. Put your seat in the upright position and swallow any liquids in your mouth. We’ll wait…..

Okay. Here we go:

JOHN adds: I thought the meltdown of the White House press corps was hilarious. Hugh Hewitt played audio of the reporters’ hysterical interrogation of Scott McClellan on his show tonight; Expose the Left has video.

The press corps’ over-the-top reaction to this event reflects two things, I think: the reporters’ detestation of the administration, and their ignorance of firearms. If Cheney had been trout fishing and a companion had walked behind him as he started to cast, so that he inadvertently snagged his friend, resulting in a hospital visit, would we have seen this kind of frenzy? I don’t think so. I think we’re seeing, among other things, the press corps’ innate ignorance of, and hostility to, firearms coming through.

Okay. Close your mouth that has surely opened in slack-jawed amazement.

Yes. Shooting a man with a shotgun from 30 yards away and sending him to the Intensive Care Unit is comparable to snagging him with a trout fly.

Now I don’t have any statistics on how many trout fly fishing snagging fatalities occur in the United States in any given year, but I’m going to guess that the number is about the same as the amount of times that Miss Universe has invited John Hinderaker over to her hotel room to rub shea butter on her taut little buttocks.

Honest to god. I would have paid a lot of money to hear Scott McClellan use the fly fishing analogy in the press conference.

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