Short Attention Span Theater

Jonah, Jonah, Jonah….always with the foot in the mouth (mmmmmmm…foot). First he throws a Jonah snitty over Glenn Greenwald’s post on Bush idolatry and then, wait for it, admits he didn’t really read the whole post.

A reader alerts me to the fact that Greenwald’s larger argument gets short-shrift from Andrew’s excerpt. I haven’t read it. But the complaint seems to be that Greenwald’s point is more complex than what is reflected in Sullivan’s excerpt. That may be the case. But as I think I made clear, my objection was to that quote of the day and Sullivan’s endorsement of it.

This, of course, reminds us that Jonah has been a bit quick on the trigger before when he hasn’t done the research thing and jumped into the fray, half-assed and ill-informed making him the Emily Latella of the Corner.

Perhaps Jonah should be thankful that Sully the Pooh chose Glenn’s post as the quote of the week. One wouldn’t want this one:

“Some say that Native Americans were great environmentalists don’t know history. Some think that Indians were like a Disney movie, with Indians talking to bunnies. The great plains used to be a giant forest. The Indians burnt it to the ground to hunt buffalo.”

…engraved on one’s headstone.

Giggling in the graveyard is generally frowned upon.

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