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Newt trashes Bush and the GOP

A Dem couldn’t have said it any better – in fact, because this is Newt Gingrich and this speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was met with cheers, (AP):

Citing multiple government failures after Hurricane Katrina, the former House speaker said the government meltdown at all levels illustrated how badly government needs to be updated in all of its operations.

The system failed, the city of New Orleans failed, the state of Louisiana failed and the government of the United States failed,” Gingrich said. “When you see an American body on an American street sitting there for three days on television because the government can’t collect the dead, something has failed.

“Where are the proposals for dramatic, bold, large change that everytime something fails in New Orleans during the reconstruction, we don’t defend it … we fix it?”

I think the Bushies and Ken Mehlman should be running for cover. More likely they will begin a trash-Gingrich-at-all-costs planning mission.

The truth hurts and it’s best delivered by one of their own. Not that I am any friend of Newt, but the candor and willingness to place the blame at all levels for the Katrina debacle has been blunted over and over, with many Dems defending the Dem Blanco and pseudo-Dem Nagin, placing all of the blame on the Bush Admin. Common sense and plenty of facts illuminate that the failure of this magnitude can only happen when everyone plays chicken, hoping a hurricane of that size just doesn’t hit on their watch, poor communication, and turf wars.

“The Abramoff scandal has to be seen as part of a much larger and deeper problem. It’s not about lobbyist corruption. You can’t have a corrupt lobbyist without a corrupt member or corrupt staff. This was a team effort.”

— Newt, in January

As far as the rest of the messes, Iraq, the shoddy treatment and support of active and retired military, the bankruptcy bill, continual threats on reproductive freedom, the countless facets of the DeLay/Abramoff corruption, the use of the Constitution as a door mat — yeah, Bush and this GOP are not fit to rule for many reasons, Newt. Dems had nothing to do with that. Oops. No, we’ve got traitors, bigots, and spineless vanity cases in our midst that enabled this to happen as well. The whole place is a cesspool.

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