In defense of Dick Cheney….

He, on the other hand, has personally killed millions of brain cells Posted by Picasa

I don’t do this very often, in fact never, but I’d hate to see people jumping all over Dick Cheney for accidently shooting (and let’s use the proper hunting term: peppering) a man on a hunting trip. I used to hunt and I know that it sometimes happens. I’ve never done it, but my dad once “peppered” my uncle while hunting quail. It rattled them both but not so much that weren’t out hunting together several weeks later. Although my dad wouldn’t let my uncle walk behind him…hmmmmm.

Anyway, today’s event did not move Cheney into the column of Bushies who have personally killed someone, which includes Laura Bush who accidently killed an old boyfriend, and Lynne Cheney who once crushed a man’s head with her thighs just to watch him die.

No. They don’t mention that in her official biography.

A word to the wise- if you’re going to shoot a lawyer (as Cheney did), shoot to kill. They’re pretty mean when wounded.

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