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Ohio anti-gay foster parent/adoption bill killed

Hey, that was fast. I posted Thursday about the latest gay-bashing bill under consideration in the Buckeye State, which would have banned gays, bisexuals, and transgenders from fostering or adopting children.

It looks like even the state GOP legislators had to scurry away from the bigots in their midst on this one — they have announced it’s DOA. Woohoo!

GOP leaders in the House and Senate said they would not permit the measure to move through committee.

House Speaker Jon A. Husted
(R- Kettering) through his chief of staff blasted the proposed bill.

Most reasonable people would have a preference for being in a loving, alternative setting rather than an abusive, heterosexual setting,” Scott Borgemenke told the Columbus Dispatch.

…House Minority Leader Chris Redfern said Democrats will join with Republicans to ensure the bill never gets to a vote.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Ashville Republican Ron Hood, said if the measure does not make it to the floor this session he will re-introduce it again and again until it does. “Studies have shown that the optimal setting to raise children in is a traditional setting with a mom and a dad,” Hood said. Hood claims that children raised in gay households are at “increased risk” of physical and emotional problem.

To reach out and be a bigot is bad enough. To do it on the backs of children is just wrong,” said Jeannette Birkhoff, of Equality Ohio.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding