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Bush's top black staffer, a Jesse Helms protege, steps down

Claude Allen is leaving his post as “domestic policy adviser” for the Chimperor. He was only in this position for just over a year, and good riddence. It’s yet another pathetic case of a twisted black homophobe cut from the cloth of the master Tar Heel ‘phobe, Jesse Helms. It’s sad to see another brainwashed brother ascend — he was the highest-ranking black staffer in the Bush Administration. (N&O;):

Claude Allen, a Jesse Helms protege and President Bush’s chief domestic policy adviser, submitted a letter of resignation Wednesday.

…Allen joined Bush’s administration in 2001 as deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. He was named a year ago as Bush’s domestic policy chief. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said in published reports that Allen’s resignation came strictly for personal reasons.

In a statement, President Bush said Allen “has helped develop policies that will strengthen our nation’s families, schools and communities. Claude is a good and compassionate man, and he has my deep respect and my gratitude.”

Allen was Helms’ spokesman during the former senator’s 1984 re-election race against Jim Hunt.

Allen’s homophobia is well-known, and certainly not something he even tried to hide; he’s a card-carrying member of the Religious Right. Daddy Dobson and the Focus on the Family crowd are sorry to see Claude go.

Peter Brandt, senior director of government and public policy at Focus on the Family Action, said Allen has been a tireless champion of the family and traditional values.

“We applauded his appointment to the Bush White House, and now we are sad to see him leave,” Brandt said. “He has championed the values and programs that we hold dear — he has been a stalwart for marriage, for family, for abstinence education and for the sanctity of life. He has been unwavering in his dedication to the things that our constituents value.”

As Doug Ireland noted, when Allen was appointed to this post:

The appointment of Claude Allen as Bush’s new chief domestic policy advisor is another triumph for the Republican theocrats. A reactionary black kapo, Allen is one of the darlings of the “family values” ultra-conservative religious right led by James Dobson and his Focus on the Family.

Recruited by Karl Rove as his watchdog on then-HHS secretary Tommy Thompson (who had a much-exaggerated reputation as a “moderate”), Allen–a visceral political homophobe– was a former top aide Sen. Jesse Helms, and in 1984 accused Helms’ Democratic challenger, then-Gov. James Hunt, of having links to “queers,” “radical feminists,” socialists, and unions (Hunt was, in fact, a bible-quoting right-wing Dem).

See ya, Claude.

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Pam Spaulding